Performing Sieglinde: Jeanne Hatto

 Jeanne Hatto The Valkyrie: nineteen models of costumes by Charles Bianchini: Sieglinde Survey of the art of singing

Jeanne Hatto made her debut at the Palais Garnier in 1899 as Brunehild in Reyer's opera Sigurd (n.b. this opera has no relation to Wagner's Ring Cycle). She was known for her powerful voice and commanding stage presence, which lent itself well to playing one of her most well-known roles, Sieglinde. A color drawing of the costume by its designer, Charles Bianchini, allows us a more complete understanding of the experience the live audience would have had. It is important to understand that this sketch is from 1893 though and is not Hatto, but rather a sketch of a costume for the same character she played years later. Hatto was so well known for her interpretation of classical movements upon the stage that she was filmed and recorded for a demonstration of synchronized film and sound at the 1900 World Exposition. 




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