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About the Team

Created by Syracuse University students enrolled in HOM 592 “Music, Space, and Place,” this website will take you on a journey back in time to late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century Paris. This seminar explored the sites and sounds of Paris around the turn of the nineteenth century. We examined the music associated with a wide range of spaces, including the salon, the fairground, the cabaret, the department store, the concert hall, the church, and the opera house. In addition, we considered how emerging technologies such as the telephone, phonograph, and cinema shaped Parisians’ spatial experiences of music. Seminar participants read wide amounts of material, participated in lively class discussions, and discussed, reconstructed, and re-imagined the sites and sounds of turn-of-the-century Paris using digital tools and scholarly sources. 

Julia Clifford | Junior | Vocal Performance; Music History and Cultures

Megan Jordan | Senior | Music Industry

Jacob O’Shea | Junior | Vocal Performance; Music History and Cultures

Matt Sampere | Senior | Music History and Cultures

Kyle Seniw | Junior | Vocal Performance [Minor: Russian]

Kat Skafidas | Sophomore | Vocal Performance [Minors: Music History and Cultures; Theatre]

Tyler Youngman | Sophomore | Information Management & Technology; Music History & Cultures [Minor: Music Performance]

Dr. Sarah Fuchs | Assistant Professor of Music History and Cultures | Department of Art and Music Histories | College of Arts and Sciences | Syracuse University