Performing Hunding: Marius Chambon

Marius Chambon in Costume as Faust Survey of the art of singing The Valkyrie: nineteen models of costumes by Charles Bianchini: Hunding<br />

Marius Chambon was a bass of some note during his time at the Opéra. Not much documentation remains of his portrayal of Hunding in 1904; however there still exists a costume sketch of the role from 1893 done by Charles Bianchini, which gives us an idea of how he may have looked. He made his Paris debut in 1892 singing Marcel in Meyerbeer’s Les Huguenots. Here we see him in costume as Mephistopheles in Faust (Arakelyan, 2014).

Here we have a recording of Chambon singing "You Who Make Sleepy" from Faust. While not La Walkyrie, nor even Wagner, it still provides modern audiences with some understading of the singer's voice


Amis et Passionnés du Père-Lachaise, 2014.

Arakelyan,"Marius Chambon (Bass) (1864-1945)."

Performing Hunding: Marius Chambon